Sweden to Finland second attempt. Day 12 Thursday 21 July. Tärnøren to Grangrunden.

Today’s route 24 km

Another morning with standard drill and a ca 0900 start. Tail winds and following seas just as forecast. As described in yesterday’s short update we went straight for unassuming “Lilla högen” where Stein and Erling camped in 2018. So then the tracks were connected into one continuous line from Grense Jakobselv to Solovetskij Islands.

A proper handshake to mark the “joining of the tracks”

Such an achievement of course raises the question: What to do now?? Well Mikko knew of a nice beachside restaurant about five kilometres to the north. Let’s paddle for lunch.

Crossing behind the Nagu ferry
And then lunch at Holiday Club Airisto

Easy said and easy done. And after lunch a bit of ice cream before we set off for the last seven kilometres to some islets in the middle of the ship lane to Turku and Naantali (Naadendal). Mikko found us a nice place at Grangrunden and we went about the usual procedures. Swim, chill, make dinner, eat dinner.

Laid back blogging

Then watch the sunset and the ferries passing by. Mikko and Erling took a bet about how high the waves from the ferries would wash. Erling won, but the price was more pancakes & after an excellent curry meal Erling was to full to accept the prize.

How high will the water rise when the ferries pass?

Then it was lights out for our last day of camping. Tomorrow we will have a short paddle of about 14 km to Turku where Mikko’s wife Lotta will pick him up and the paddling trip will be over.

One last sunset from the Åboland islets

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