The Equipment

Equipment (a list of what we will bring along is seen to the bottom of this page)

Our idea is to use the same equipment as we have been using for years, because we are happy with it. No compromises have been given. Stein is part-time employee at Milsluker’n, Oslo, and the store is a dealer for most of the equipment needed and is an enthusiastic sponsor. See

Logo Milslsukern


We have been using P&H kayaks for years, so the choice was pretty easy. Stein has eight of them. We have chosen the P&H Cetus because of it seaworthiness, roughness and ability to handle the high seas and hard landings. (

P&H is a keen supporter of this project. See and

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Dry Suits and kayak apparel

We have been using Kokatat paddle apparel and PFD’s for more than 10 years, so also it was an easy choice when selecting the apparel provider. We are planning to paddle in the Kokatat Expedition Dry Suit (  for 5 months, and use the Kokatat Full Zip Jacket (  for the rest of the trip.

We will be using the In addition we will also use the Inferno Paddling Mitt (, and the Storm Cag  (  to have over the dry suit on an icy and windy days. In order to keep our feet dry and warm our legs, we are using the high Kokatat Nomad Boots (

Kokatat are a keen supporter of this project. See and

Skjermbilde 2018-01-04 kl. 17.51.07

Life Vest

We have used Kokatat life vests for years, and on this trip, we choose the Kokatat Maximus Centurion PFD (

Kokatat are a keen supporter of this project. See and


Again, we are using our basic equipment, the Werner paddles. Stein has around ten of them. On this trip, we are using the Shuna and Camano.

Werner is a keen supporter of this project. See and

Logo Werner


Telenor coastal radio has sponserd us with maritim VHF radios with DSC and training.

logo telenor kystradio_liten

Expedition Clothing, Mountain Equpiment

Although Milslukern has been extremely supportive, they not have expedition kit in their inventory.  We have for years been using Mountain Equipment kit, and been very satisfied with it. We were very happy when the Norwegia agent, Sjur Mørdre at Piteraq Tinder og Banditter, decided to support us.  Piteraq is a company that continue into the Wilderness where Milslsukern ends.

Again, we have chosen equipment we have been using for years, and been very happy with. We had made a wish list, but also listed the weather condition we were going to use it in; temperature down to -10 Celsius, winds up to 30 m/s, snow and rain in the beach zone. Volume is also a key issue.

on our assessment of the weather condition, we had a long and fruitful discussion about clothing and sleeping bags. We ended up with the following kit from Mountain Equipment; Aurora sleeping bags, Citadel (fiber) jackets, Concordia (fiber) jackets, Odyssey and Havoc (outer) jackets, Firefox pants, Epic Touring Pants, classic comfort mats and Super Alpine Gloves.

Logo Piteraq


Navigation charts

Nautisk Fritid (  have been very helpful to support us with naval charts covering the coast of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

logo Nautisk fritid

Traditional kayaking

We would like also to highlight another key inspirator, Anders Thygesen and (

The company was founded in 1996 by Anders Thygesen. Kajakkspesialisten deals with most things related to sea kayaks, but are well-known for its work in building traditional skin-on-frame sea kayaks and traditional paddles. Watch the new kayak build video here:

Other equipment (not sponsored)

We are using MSR stoves, Hilleberg tents, IPHONE 7,  Devold wool underwear, repeair kit from

25th February, status

As of now, all we need for the expedition is well prepared and stored in Karianne’s garage. The lists are shown below:

2018-02-25 RSKE overview of equipment

2018-02-25 medical kit (in Norwegian)