The Route

The map below illustrate our original plan.2017-03 Kolaexpressen_overview_map

Update 21 February 2018

2018-02-21 Map showing the route with closed areas

Since the fall of 2016, we have been in close contact the Russian Authorities at the Embassy in Oslo. As you may know, there are a number of closed military areas along the Kola Peninsula. Initially, we thought we should be able to get a permission to pass these areas. No way, all boats have to be more than 16 nautical miles outside the coast. That will be hard to make in a kayak, we have to go on shore at least ones a day.

2018-02-21 map showing the Kola penErling has spent hours and hours mapping out our route through Russia, including all our planned tent sites, and avoiding the closed areas. The map to the left shows our plan to handle the Kola Peninsula. The plan is to use a boat to the Northeastern part of the Kola Peninsula, and the kayak back against Kandlaxe. From here we will drive by car to Norway and Pasvik, the border area, where we will continue back to Oslo.

Overview of the distance and planned time consumption (by November 2016)

From To Distance 40 km/day Period, inclusive one resting day/week 50 km/day Periode
Oslo Gothenburg 264 6,6 1-8 March
Gothenburg Stockholm 1100 27,5 9 March -8 April
Stockholm Helsinki 420 10,5 9 – 22 April
Helsinki St Petersburg 410 10 23 April – 5 May
St Petersburg Kandallakse 1200 30 6 May – 6 June
Kandalakse Jarfjord 1220 31 7 June – 12 July
Jarfjord Bodø 1131 30 13 July – 18 Aug
Bodø Langevåg 750 19 19 Aug – 10 sep
Langevåg Stavanger 480 9,6 10-19 Sep
Stavanger Oslo 520 10,4 20-30 Sep
Number of days in kayak 164,6 20 184,6
Reserve days (14%) 29,4
Total days 1 March – 1 October 214