Short update: Connecting the tracks. Thursday 21 July

All went to plan and at 1100 hours we arrived at Lilla Högen.

Red line is the track from 2018, yellow line is this year’s track

A lousy campsite according to Mikko, only ignorant Norwegians would choose such a spot.:-)

OK Mikko, if we had known this would be a site of significance we might have looked for a grander campsite four and a half years ago. But this is it 🙂
Same spot, same guys, same kayaks almost four and a half years later

And so be it. A bit ignorant of paddling in Finland is what Stein and Erling were on their first day paddling in Finland in April 2018. And now we are back, having paddled the entire distance from Norway’s border with Russia in Finnmark, around Scandinavia and up to the Solovetskij islands in the White sea, about 6200 km.


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