Sweden to Finland second attempt. Day 11 Wednesday 20 July. Backören to Tärnören.

Today’s route. 27 km.

Backören was a super duper campsite, but come morning we have to move on. We are getting into the routine now. Up around 0700, leisurely breakfast, take down the camp and pack the boats and in the kayaks around 0900.

Same today. Weatherwise it was 5 m/s tail winds and sun from a clear sky. We paddled for about two hours and 12 km and found a nice sheltered place at Lepon for a swim and a light early lunch.

Early first lunch

After a long lazy break we paddled on, but after only 4 km we came to Brannskär. There was a marina, the marina announced freshly baked “kanelbullar”. We decided to round off the lunch with some freshly baked delicacies.

Ready for second lunch

Turned out they didn’t have “kanelbullar” after all, because the bakery was fully occupied making Pizza. Pizza…, it was about an hour since lunch but the waiters were jogging past with one pizza looking more delicious than the other. Pizza it was!

It was really good pizza and we took our time to enjoy. When we were ready to pay and move on it was just after 1500. Turned out that pizza serving stopped at 1500 and “kanelbullar” serving started. Did we still want “kanelbullar”? We did. No point in leaving the job half finished.

And to round it all off..

After this “second lunch” we staggered back down to the kayaks to paddle another ten or so kilometres to a possible campsite that Mikko had spotted on Google Maps. Just as well the tail winds kept assisting progress.

After less than two hours it was clear that Mikko is an expert campsite googler. Quite up there with Backören from yesterday.

Campsite at Tärnören

Again we now know the drill. Camp up, swim, chill, cook dinner.

For dessert Mikko made “Jallo flambered pancakes”. Very good and ensuring that net calorie intake definitely was positive for the day.

Jallo flambered pancakes!!
Sunset at camp Tärnören

Tomorrow we plan to turn north and first go to a small skerrie where Stein and Erling overnighted in 2018. That will tie the tracks together. Then we’ll look for a campsite a couple of hours paddling south of Turku/Åbo. WP. And the forcast says light winds from the south, so we are hoping for another day of tail winds.

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