Sweden to Finland second attempt. Tuesday 19th of July. Örskär to Backören

Today’s route. 26 km on the GPS.
Sometimes even a kayak has too deep a draft. Erling’s smartest route wasn’t so smart afterall

Today was the day for the last open crossing. Kvigharu fjorden. We got off just before 0900 and had perfect conditions for the crossing.

It doesn’t get any quieter than this on Kvigharu fjord
On our way to Åboland

We paddled for a couple of hours and found a perfect spot for a combined early lunch plus swim(s) plus snack plus sunbathing stop. That took about two hours.


We had now left Åland and we are in Åboland’s skärgård for the rest of the trip.

Then is was time for a couple of hours paddling in shielded waters before a new swim plus snack plus sunbathing stop. At this stoo Mikko took out the map and google and checked for possible camp sites. We are definitely in more benign waters, but that also means that there are more cabins. Nowhere near what it would have been with Norwegian policies, but still.

The chef prepares tortilla

As it turned out the first of five alternative campsites were just excellent. So it was a short last paddling leg. That made for ample time for swimming island hopping, solving of global problems and a long dinner, before the sun went down and the dew began to cover tents and kayaks and it was time to get some sleep to be prepared for another lazy sunny day witb tail winds. At least that is the forecast.

Prevailing wind direction is Northeast.

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