Sweden to Finland second attempt. Last paddling day Friday 22 July. Grangrunden to Russalo Spa hotel

Today’s route (Friday 23 July)
Breakfast at Grangrunden

Same procedure and on the water at 0910. We were following the main ship lane and the only thing to worry about was to stay out of the way, so we did a bit of zig zagging to stay well clear.

It was warm, with only weak tail winds. We made the 14 km to “Russalo spa hotel” in one leg.

Spa hotel at journey’s end

Straight to shore lift the kayaks then shower and sauna to be presentable for lunch and today’s guest of honor: Lotta, Mikko’s wife. We all introduced ourselves with a deep bow and a “thank you very much for the loan of Mikko”.

Team and kayaks outside hotel

Mikko taking the time to come with us made a huge difference, better food, better campsites and solid safe understanding of risks and opportunities.

All things must come to an end, And after lunch Lotta informed Mikko: your daughters wants to see you. And so Mikko and Lotta left. We took farewell with the greeting “next year in Oslo” and we will make that happen

Mikko has left us in a safe place at the Spa hotel and not entirely unattended. Tomorrow afternoon Mikko’s friend Hannu will pick up us and the kayaks and take us to the ferry to Stockholm.

So tomorrow we will be homeward bound. We might be back someday, Åland and even more Åboland’s skärgård is a kayaking eldorado.

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