Back to Oslo Day 10. 13 of July

Juvika to Bergeneneset (Mandal to Kristiansand) 40 km. Average speed ca 5 km/hr. Start 1040 arrive 1910

We started with a long breakfast (after the KPMG teleconference) and took our time to say goodbye at the quay, so it was 1040 before we waved goodbye to the Beck Olsens.

Erling had sent an sms to a colleague he believed had a summer house at Skjernøya just a few km along the way. But soon we were approached by a small boat coming from the opposite direction! That was Øivind, who has a summerhouse at Hille which we passed yesterday…. Poor navigation or poor hearing or both from Erling.

“Møte i rom sjø “ Erling and Øivind got a quick face to face chat after innumerable hours on teams the last six months or so..,

Øivind offered to tow us back and fire up the waffle iron, but in the end we resisted the temptation. Weather forecast said this would be a long slog of a day.

And so it became. After a short stop for resupplies bakery goods and ice cream we struggled on in 6 to 7 m/s head winds for the rest of the day until we came to Flekkerøy.

There we spent an hour searching for an optimum tent spot, ending back at our first location. It was OK and the dining room was top class.

Dining room at Bergenesodden

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will keep on keeping on. More headwinds according to WP

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