Back to Oslo Day 9 Monday 12 July

Lillehavn to Juvika. 19 km. Start late arrive early:-) average speed 5.8 km/hr

A very short paddle to take full advantage of the hospitality at the Beck Olsen family’s summer home outside Mandal

When we came back to the kayaks in the morning we found our only Beer where Erling had left it. Your things are safe in idyllic Lillehavn…:-) & soon we were on our way

Leaving Lillehavn. Spot the paddler:-)

Erling and his family’s friends Knut and Synnøve have a summer home just outside Mandal. They live in Saudi Arabia, but just now they are here with daughters Camilla and Emilie and daughters daughter Zoe.

We were welcomed with traditional Mandal summer fare

“Skolebrød” from Mandal

And soon Knut and Erling started talking. They only stopped intermittently when they dined on Camilla’s excellent fish soup.

Enjoying the Beck Olsen hospitality

Lots of updates after a long year plus of COVID, and with fresh supplies of world problems to solve…

We needed the rest and we need to refocus a bit for the last legs home. Getting past Lindesnes loomed large as a partial goal. But there is still 330 or so km to go.

Tomorrow Tuesday we head north. WP.

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