Back to Oslo days 7 and 8. Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 July. “Habnasprellet” and “two (lighthouses) for one (day)”

Saturday breakfast, not much to dissuade from paddling. But Kirkehamn is a very shielded harbour. Out in Listafjorden the wind was blowing and increasing. So patience and check the weather forecast
Saturday was partyday in Kirkehamn. “Habnasprellet” The Mayor opened the proceedings!
Erling payed close attention, and checked the weather forecast
We went up the hill to check the view and the weather. No need to consult the forecast. Erling’s hat blew off.
Lest one thinks one is doing something a bit out of the ordinary; there is always someone to set the scale for extraordinary right. This the route Vidar from “Fiestavikings” drove in three months.
In this 1988 Ford Fiesta.
At least the clothes were drying
The church that gives Kirkehamn its name
With our new found friend and next tent neighbour Thomas from Germany. One more check of the weather forecast and lights out. We plan for an early start to avoid the sea breeze around Lista
Early Sunday morning, all quiet at the camp site. We got off to an 0815 start
A bit more confused out in Listafjorden. The wind was maybe 6 m/s but the waves was larger. Either left over from yesterday or the currents influencing?
After about two and and a half hours we were round the corner and Lista Fyr was behind us. Wind was about the same, but waves were much gentler on this side. Current conditions in the Listafjord is the main suspect.
A loong and well deserved second breakfast at Listahavn.
With some local specialties. “Jew(!) cakes”. The name may be borderline offensive, but the taste was completely “unprovoking”
A young pirate(?) captain Edvard “Beardless” really wanted to go away with Erling’s kayak. He put paddle to water and did the right moves, but lacked the strength. Next year maybe 🙂
Next leg. Super conditions tail winds and 7 km/hr (+) speed
10 km to Lindesnes Fyr. One last break (and first swim). High, dry and drying.
Korshavn is the last harbour west of Lindesnes.
A few more km and Lindesnes lighthouse came into sight
And soon enough it was behind us! A “two for one day”!
Sunday’s route. 57 km. Kirkehamn to Lillehamn Start 0815 arrive 1825. Average speed 7+ km/hr

An almost perfect day, if only Rashfords penalty would have been one inch to the right. Tomorrow we will visit Erling’s friends Knut and Synnøve in Mandal. Then we’ll see. WP.

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