Back Oslo day 11. Wednesday 14 of July. Another headwind slog

Bergenes to Breivika camping. 42 km. Start 0925 arrive 2005. About 5.3 km/hr average speed

The campsite was idyllic if not exactly flat

We had breakfast in the same dining room as yesterday. But not for too long. The weather forecast said another slog of a headwind day. We were off at 0925 heading for Oksøy Fyr

Oksøy fyr after about an hour was the first milestone, after that it was the crossing of the shipping lane to Kristansand

We reached Oksøy after a small hour. The three or so km from Oksøy across to Rønningen Fyr is the main shipping lane into Stavanger. We were a bit anxious about that crossing, but we met only a couple of small fishing boats. And the wind subsided just as we crossed.

Rønningen Fyr at the other end of the shipping lane. Fortunately a bit less wind as we crossed and very little traffic

Next we crossed Torsfjorden. The most exposed part of the day. Now the wind had picked up to maybe 7 m/s ( as the forecast said) so it was a hard hour or so of slow paddling. But the main issue was a steady stream of about 50 feet cabincruisers. This was a much more busy shipping lane toward Ulvøysund than the one into Kristiansand, and the boats were just as big, and much faster, and one has to assume the skippers less professional. Anyway we kept right of the shipping lane and had only one semi scare.

Kudos to the German who actually sailed his sailboat out of Ulvøysund

We got to Ulvøysund after about 3 hrs paddling. We were looking for a place for a long break to wait out the wind. Not so easy. This is a very private part of the Norwegian coast. But we were in luck. We found the Norwegian Missionary Society’s called Havglimt. A huge and well kept place that can house more than 70 people. We were welcome to use the lawn for a break

Havglimt. You can tell that the keepers assume operations and maintenance is being evaluated at the highest level.

After a longish break we headef with the stream of boats to Blindleia. Very idyllic. Very private. Very narrow. And very, very trafficked. After another three hours we were through. And found a nice public small beach in a cove for our last break of the day

In the midst of the very narrow Blindleia we met some old wooden yachts sailing through the cacophony of motorboats. Respect!💪

We had struggled for 35 km, now we decided for a short 7 km last leg to Breivik camping. A good choice.

Breivik camping was a good choice

Tomorrow we plan to first paddle to Arendal for resupplies and then on as long as we manage. WP. And according to it will.

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