Back to Oslo: day 5 July 8 still waiting on weather in Brusand

We are still waiting on weather in Brusand. The weather is better today (Thursday) than yesterday (see videos from yesterday below) but it is still breaking white all the way to the horizon on Thursday. And Hauge Dalane is a tough stretch to paddle with lots of confused reflex waves on the best of days.

Tomorrow is the plan to cross there. That will make it four nights at Brusand, the longest weather wait since Lotsvillan in March 2018..

Winter in Skåne vs Summer in Norway:-)

We saw no kayaks out there yesterday

And we checked that our kayaks were safe. They were, but we understand why the boats and boathouses are kept and built so far from the sea around here.

In stead we went to soaking wet Egersund to do some shopping and have lunch. “Biblioteket “ restaurant at Torget in Egersund comes highly recommended for their fish soup.

As a local said by way of recommendation, “it is heavily cremated”. But it didn’t taste smoky rather very creamy:-) lots of calories!

Erling with laser focus on another fish soup. Was it better than Ølberg? A very close call. Resampling will be necessary:-)

Tomorrow (Friday) we expect to get going again. WP.

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