Back to Oslo: Day 3 and 4. Tuesday 6 July Wednesday 7 July. Waiting on weather in Brusand.

0 km. No stress.

Better to land here….
Than here!
Erling’s has had a running battle with Equinor’s log on and approval system for the better part of a week. Finally solved. By perseverance not brains. Brains work best when there is some logic to stuff…
Not good for paddling

After an exhausting Monday Erling has done some calculations for the headwind effect on paddling. 3 m/s is like pulling up a weight of half a kg, 5 m/s more like 1.5 kg, that’s ok. 7 m/s is more like pulling up a 3 kg weight, that starts to be a struggle, and 10 m/s is like pulling up a weight of 6 kg. And good luck with that.

KPMG morning teleconference mixed with drying of Erling’s tent..

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