Back to Oslo: Day 2 Monday 5 July

Søre Revtangen to Brusand. 30 km. Start 0915 arrive 1715. Average speed: Slooow

Monday’s route

We got up, got some breakfast, bud farewell to Ellen and went to the kayaks

Ellen, our helper at “Reveparken camping”. As the owner Tore said “Ho Ellen e kjernegreie!”
The Kayaks were where we had left them and we were off at 0915

Forecast was that the weather/wind would be ok in the morning, but turning to rain and head winds in the early afternoon.

The early afternoon arrived early and before we got to our first break we had pouring rain and headwinds. A lot of positives can be said about Jæren, but a paddlers paradise it is not. Amongst other issues it can be difficult to find a place to land the kayaks. In the end for the first break we left them out on some rocks a bit from shore…

Not an easy place to land a kayak.
A very wet and quite short stop.

Next we went another couple of hours for Kvassheim fyr. Rain was gone, but the wind persisted and the cafe was only open on Sundays. Still a very nice place. We made it the “dry clothes” stop of the day and waited out the wind. Paddling between 1500 and about 1800 is often hard work because of the sea breeze.

No rain and a nice harbour at Kvassheim Lighthouse

Next and last was a short paddle of about 4 km to Brusand Camping where we had secured the last free accommodation. All is full down to Egersund.

The paddle was not a problem, but landing in the surf looked like it could be. Fortunately we found a mini inlet outside a small cluster of boathouses.

A safe and convenient landing spot

Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly Thursday we will wait on weather. A small but energetic low pressure just south of Shetland is causing the delay

Uncooperative low pressure system

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