Repost: Back to Oslo Day 1: Sokn camping to Søre Revtangen Sunday 4 July

Sunday’s route

Reposting as there were an issue with the link on Facebook…

Sokn Camping to Søre Revtangen. 40 km. Start 1000 arrive 2030.

Good to go
Handshake at the end of RSKE

A strange and a bit slow morning, but the routines are well in place and at 1000 we were on the water.

We paddled about 100 m, then it was time for Stein to turn left and Karianne and Erling to turn right. A man making his sailboat ready for holidays helped us take some pictures and off we went.

Captain Vågnes and Henny made sure we got safely to Tungenes Lighthouse on a foggy morning.

It was a foggy morning, but we had reasonable sight to Tungenes as we started crossing the shipping lane into Stavanger harbour. At Tungenes itself we saw two people waiting, it was Erling’s uncle and aunt making sure we got safely across

Crossing outside Tananger and Risavika. VHF ready on channel 16.

Just one more crossing for the day, across Tananger and Risavika. Good conditions and good visibility, but we brought out the VHF just in case.

As we got across to Flatholmen lighthouse the wind started to pick up and we had a quick stop to put on more clothes.

From Flatholmen to Ølberg was hard work

After some slow paddling we arrived at Ølberg. A nice beach, a small harbour and a Restaurant. We changed to dry clothes and managed to get a table. Fish soup was the recommendation so fish soup it was. Very tasty and soon gone…

Erling was unable to take his eyes off the fish soup at Ølberg

Then it was another couple of hours paddling to our destination for the day: Søre Revtangen. Where we had arranged for a cabin at Reveparken camping. We left the boats high on the beach and walked the 500 m or so.

Kayaks at Søre Revtangen

Just as we arrived Stein showed up with Pizza. Very well received!

A bit of a setback was the fact that there where no bed linens and we had left the sleeping bags in the kayaks…

Not a big problem as one of the permanent residents, Ellen, helped us out provided us with towels and linen.

Our lodging for the night.

Monday we plan to paddle to Brusand, where it looks like we will have to spend some time waiting on weather.

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