RSKE Y4D10 Tuesday 29 June. Tyssøyna to Bekkjarvik

Tyssøyna to Bekkjarvik. 36 km, start 1140 arrive 2145. Average speed 6.4 km/hr.

The route paddled Tuesday 29 June

We had a leisurely start to the day and didn’t paddle off until 1140. It was still overcast when we set out, but soon the sun shone through and we decided to make a short first leg to Klokkarvik to adjust clothing lest we melted away.

A very good campsite
The shipping lane from Sotra and out is a busy one.

When we got to Klokkarvik, Stein did his usual thing and stumbled across an acquaintance. A former colleague from the military. After a change of clothes and some solving of military issues between Stein and his friend, we were ready to cross over toward Hundvåg.

It was very busy with ship traffic across the fjord, we paddled in close formation and with good speed. But not as god speed as one of the Norwegian Navy’s coastal frigates that blasted by, but gave us good berth.

A coastal frigate sped by, the noise is almost as impressive as the speed.

Well on the other side we had to navigate inlets an outlets almost closed off by salmon farms

How to get past the salmon farm?

Soon after it was time for the long break of the day. We had lunch at Lindholmen just across for Hufthamar ferry stop. It is a very busy ferry lane and the ferries are electrically powered (?) at least they are almost soundless

Paddling into Lindholmen

When we were finished with lunch the sea breeze had picked up. reported 10+ m/s along the outer route toward Bekkjarvik, so we decided to take the inner route, through a narrow channel called Drøna.

The sea breeze had picked up a bit

The entrance to Drøna

Close to the outlet of Drøna we and walked across to the outside to inspect conditions for the last three km or so toward Bekkjarvik. We concluded that it would be another long break to let the wind subside.

Not until England had beaten Germany in the Euros last sixteen (!) were we good to go across.

Last crossing of the day. And last crossing before our rest day

Wednesday we rest in Bekkjarvik

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