RSKE Y4D11 Rest(?) day in Bekkjarvik

In Bekkjarvik we have hired a small house through Air BnB. Just a short walk from the sea and with a boathouse outside which we have left the boats.

Lodging in Bekkjarvik. Anbefalt!

It may have been a rest day from paddling, but not so much rest for Karianne who put in a solid 16 hr workday. Karianne is an auditor and partner in KPMG, and these are very busy days.

It is high season for auditing

Stein on his side was unfortunate yesterday and trod on a rusty spike. The wound was red and aching in the morning, so he had to go to see a doctor in Storebø. It took almost four hours round trip, although Stein used his charms and got a lift both ways:-)

Meanwhile Erling looked after the clothes wash and tried to get the blog up to date.

Bekkjarvik is a busy place in summer and have two restaurants. The burger restaurant “Smakeriet” and the more posh restaurant at “Bekkjarvik gjestgiveri”. We decided to go for Burger for lunch and gjestgiveriet for dinner.

Lunch was a tasty but heavy, particularly when topped up with Softice…

First Burger
Then softice

The heavy lunch combined with auditing work load made Karianne skip dinner. But Stein and Erling summoned the strength to walk the two km to Bekkjarvik for another meal

The Monkfish at Gjestgiveriet was a lot more refined than the burger and quite a bit smaller in volume. That suited us just fine.

Very tasty and not too much!
Walking back just before sunset.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we aim for Mosterhavn or a bit longer. WP. The weather forecast for the next few days is very encouraging and we hope to make it to Sokn camping outside Stavanger by Saturday afternoon. That will take three +/- 40 km days. Weather and energy permitting. At least we have fuelled up here in Bekkjarvik!

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