RSKE Y4D9. Monday 28 June. Skjelanger to Tyssøyna. The plan is to get to “Joker”, buy ice cream and take it from there

Skjelanger to Tyssøyna. 40 km, start ca 1100 arrive ca 2030.

Mondays paddling route

It’s Monday and a working day, so both Karianne and Erling spent an hour or so on work related telephone calls before we were good to go. Stein meanwhile also had a few things to sort out as CEO of “Med Stein på tur”. So it was almost 1100 before we paddled off.

We didn’t get far before we nedded a break. Both Karianne and Erling were melting away in their dry suits. So we stopped to let them change to cooler gear. It promised to be a sweltering day. If so the first on this year‘s trip.

For lunch we found a cove just outside Hanøytangen. Shielded from the wind with sun from a clear sky: time for a bath!


After the break we passed Hanøytangen. A key location for Norway’s oil industry. We counted five idle oil rigs. In addition to at least three more across Hjeltefjorden.

Idle oil rigs at Hanøytangen

Stein took us expertly through another set of islets, inlets and outlets and set us up for a minimal crossing of the shipping lane toward Lille Sotra. Soon after crossing under the Sotra bridge, the promised land appeared. I.e. a conveniently placed “Joker” store. We might be in for a gnatty night, but we will have our ice cream!

The “Joker” store. End of plans for today. Need to come up with a solution for a campsite.

Emboldened by ice cream and fresh supplies, Erling did the unmanly thing: Asking for help! The young lady at the counter turned out to know a thing or two about campsites in the vicinity and recommended a place called “Støna” at Tyssøyna, another few km, making this another 40 km day.

It turned out to be very good advice. Evening sun, well drained soil, and just enough wind to keep the gnats away.

Recommended campsite. Stein’s friend Petter confirmed this as among the best around here.

Dinner, dessert, and another day done. Tomorrow we plan for Bekkjarvik, where Stein has found a nice place on Air BnB where we will have the first rest day of this years trip. WP

Now we have started with a tiny bit of dessert for dinner. The calorie hunger is setting in 🙂

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