RSKE Y4D7 Saturday 26 June. A 45 km long day, but we made the party !

Lammetun to Mjømna. 45 km. Start. 0930 arrive 2200

The route on Saturday 26 June

We got off to a surprisingly early start. Partly because of the easy mobilisation out of the “Rorbu”, but mostly because we were a bit anxious about the sea breeze (solgangsbris) as we had three crossings in planned, the last across Sognessjøen the mouth of Sognefjorden, today’s “piece the resistance”. The plan was to do two crossings, then wait out the sea breeze at Hardbakke before the last crossing and on to Mjømna.

First crossing from Lammetun to Færøyna with Alden in the distance. Easy piecy.
By the time we got to the inlet toward Hardbakke after the second crossing the wind and waves had picked up and we were happy to get into sheltered waters

We managed to get to the inlet towards Hardbakke just about in time. And then an easy stretch into Hardbakke with strong tail winds and no waves. We got to Hardbakke just in time to persuade the Spar groceries to keep open 15 extra minutes (to 1515). We were running low on provisions (and we craved ice cream)

At Hardbakke we took advantage of an empty space in the harbour.

The weather forecast said we were not in a hurry to move on, we decided to wait for the sea breeze to subside before we crossed Sognesjøen. Luckily Hardbakke had an open restaurant! In the old lodgings for pupils that attended junior High school (ungdomsskole) here in the Center of Solund (inhabitants ca 300). Better communications have made the boarding school solution superfluous. Now it is a hotel and restaurant. The food was really good. So good that we had eaten it before the thought occurred to take a photo…

At about 1900 the wind had subsided and we crossed Sognesjøen in good order.

We showed adequate patience and by 1900 when we strarted crossing Sognesjøen conditions were good. We got across and had just a short two hours left to the nights destination. Mjømna kystcamp. We got a bit delayed as some of the small straits between the islets were almost closed off by huge salmon farms. We can hardly paddle a meter around here without line of sight to a salmon farm.

Finally, just before 2200 we rounded into the bay where Mjømna kystcamp is located. It was full of mobile homes, which apparently were full of people all of whom were having a great time dancing at the quay to the loud sound of “The Aristocats” playing “world dance music” i.e. any music from anywhere as long as it was “dance band music”.

Our initial reaction was mixed minus. It had been a long day and we craved peace quiet and some sleep. That is all of us except Arne who went straight for the dance floor..

Arne went straight for the dance floor. He was soon joined for a “dry suit dance” by Karianne. A glorious photo opportunity that was lost when the Aristocats suddenly declared it was time for a break. Apologies.

A few minutes later we were all in Arne’s camp; with warm dry clothes on, the tents up and a having met with the super hospitable four siblings with partners who had built this place up over the last years, we were ready to enjoy the evening and the company. And not least the very tasty stew (lapskaus) that would be served until 2400.

First a moment for a toast amongst ourselves as this would be Arne’s last day on this years trip.

Last night with a full team. Time for a toast
Then we doubled down on the stew.

At 0130 the Aristocats had left. They were men in their best age with stamina (just like us :-)). So it was lights out just before sunrise.

Sunday we plan for a suitably late start and then Arne will head to catch the boat to Måløy from Skjerjehamn. While the rest of us will head across Fensfjorden and find a suitable campsite somewhere along the east side of Hjeltefjorden. Weather permitting.

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