Shorter update. Updated with pictures (29.06.21)

We paddled 40 km from Lammetun to Skjelanger on Sunday 27 and 40 km from Skjelanger to Lille Sotra today Monday. Good progress but little time to update the blog

Tomorrow ( Tuesday) we aim for Bekkjarvik, where we will take a rest day. We have booked into a Air B&B. WP

And we have trouble loading photos. Both mind and body. In need of a rest perhaps.

A night’s sleep and a pair of glasses helped, now with pictures:-)

Arne has left us to go on holiday with his family. He left in style.
At Mjømna we were waved off with more flags than we have seen since 2nd March 2018
Protected cove at Skjelanger. Eklogite locality.
Camp at Tyssøyna (Tuesday)
All is well

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