RSKE Year 3 Day 18. Friday 31 July

Brønnøysund to Lislvågøya 25.5 km, 6.1 km/hr average speed. Start 1515 arrive 2015

Today’s route

We slept well and long. And took our time getting ready. Looking after equipment, shopping supplies etc. Hilde and her husband came by to bid farewell, which gave us the opportunity to thank again for the hospitality.

Thanks also to Matti for a nice in summary in Brønnøysund Avis

Finally just after 1500 we set off toward a small collection of islets just off Kvaløya. An easy 25 km paddle never far from a lot of small islands that littered our path.

En route we got a glimpse (just) of the famous hole through the mountain Torghatten.

When we arrived we faced a dilemma, this sandy beach or that. or maybe that one. Any one of them would have been deemed excellent had it been the only on offer, but now we spent half an hour discussing and exploring which one was the best. Least sheep, least mosquitoes etc

More sheep than mosquitoes

Finally at about 2000 we managed to decide, we chose sheep over mosquitoes. We spent a leisurely couple of hours setting up camp and having dinner. And then an early night. The forecast is good for tomorrow and we hope to cover a normal distance, mostly on falling tide which should tend to give following currents.

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