RSKE Year 3 Day 17. Thursday July 30

Tjøtta to Brønnøysund. 44.5 km, 6.0 km/hr average speed. Start 0930 arrive 1830.

Today’s paddle

We woke to good weather and high tide. We were on the water 0930 hoping to catch some following current with the falling tide. Since we had a talk scheduled in Brønnøysund at (tentatively) 1900 we were also a bit eager to cover some distance so we had control on that timing.

We followed shortest distance and kept to two shortish breaks. The last of those at Fjordholmen (or Buholmen) at a fantastic pebble beach, shelterd from the wind, sun shining and air temperatures of 20 plus. We were tempted to linger, but we had three hours to go to Brønnøysund where Hilde Rønnaug Berntsen was expecting us. She had promised us a dedicated cook and a three course dinner at Tørrfiskbrygga, where Brønnøysund Sjøsportklubb is housed.

Tempting to linger

As we came into Brønnøysund we found Tørrfiskbrygga quite easily: Hilde was flying the flag:-) and to make absolutely sure we didn’t miss it Viggo Karlsen came rowing out to guide us the last few meters. No one rows a Nordlandsbåt faster than Viggo, and he has the biceps to show for it. He volunteered those muscles to help carry our boats into the boat hall.

Flying the flag

All while the editor of Brønnøysund Avis Matti Aries took pictures. A stately landing indeed:-)

By the time we had out of our wet paddling clothes and into some half decent clothes for dinner the clock was almost 1900. The talk was postponed till 1930, but we still had a three course meal to enjoy. We were both curious and hopeful, what did Hilde have up her sleeve?

Wrong question. Correct question was what did Hilde’s son Joakim Kvam have up his sleeve? He is both a fully trained and very talented cook. We decided the people upstairs would have to wait a bit more for three very good reasons

Chef Joakim
Enjoying the meal with Hilde

1. Mussel soup with apple

2. Baked Arctic Char with a superb sauce

3. Chocolate fondant with Sorbet

A meal worthy of the best restaurant and that is not something we say because we had paddled 45 km to sharpen our appetite. We held back the urge to swallow each course in one gulp and tried to take the time the meal deserved.

So we were late for our own talk, but the 20 or so people that had made it had patience with us. Also when the sheer exuberance carried over from dinner and we went on for a bit longer than usual. But at about 2200 we were done. We heard Viggo say that he would row our route in his Nordlandsbåt. Viggo didn’t quite remember having said that, but we are three against one:-)

Thanks for the attention to a very patient audience

As a final treat of the evening Hilde offered us a shower at her place. Much appreciated!

Tomorrow we will take advantage of the location and facilities to get up to date with the blog and look over some equipment. We plan for late start and a short day. WP.

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