RSKE Year 3 Day 19. Saturday 1 August

Lislvågøya to Gjerdingen. 49 km, 6.4 km/hr average speed. Start 1015 arrive 2015.

Both the sheep and the mosquitoes left us in peace for a good nights sleep. The sheep appeared at breakfast, probably wondering why we didn’t get going.

The reason was that we planned to start one hour before high tide to capture maximum following current during falling tide. We made no attempt to explain all this to the sheep, and soon they lost interest and left

Weather was good, wind was good, currents were good, all went according to plan, so not much to write about.

Reading the map to navigate the islets

We made one change to the day’s plan toward the end. We extended the paddle from 41 to 49 km. Then we plan to paddle another 47 or so tomorrow to cross Folda and Namsen and get just past Utvorda. The reason is that tomorrow’s weather forecast looks very favorable and Monday’s looks like a wait on weather day with strong headwinds. Utvorda is the “piece de resistance”, if we can get past there we have some shelter and can possibly get going again Monday afternoon.

As luck would have it “Utvorda camping” is located on the first good beach on the southwest side of Utvorda, we got rooms for one night so hopefully we can get some washing done while we wait for the wind to subside.

All this tomorrow, weather permitting. Today we have sought refuge in our tents. We found a beautiful coral beach to camp on, but unfortunately a couple of billion gnats were waiting for us. While we had a quick meal they had a feast. Hopefully they have had their fill and will not be around for breakfast .

Gnatty bay



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