RSKE Y2D15 3 August

Nakkevika to Tromsø. 46 km, 6.5 km/hr average speed. Left 1315, arrive 2350

A late dinner made for a late start, we bid farewell to Dag at 1315 and paddled out toward Grøtsundet in sunny weather and moderate headwinds.

As soon as we turned into Grøtsund the wind turned to tailwind and we made good progress toward our chosen lunch stop: Vågnes. There Per made the trips last cheese sandwiches.

We hadn’t paddled long after lunch before we saw the bridge across Sandessundet, the end point of the trip was in sight.

We took one last stop at the northern point of Tromsøya, before we set across Sandnessundet.

We got a reminder that is isn’t over till it’s over when we got into quite chaotic current driven waves as we went across. The water was flowing fast against us. We went to the NW side of the strait and took advantage of back eddies to make good progress.

It was almost midnight when we set the boats ashore at ALFA Fritid. That is Stein’s friend Alf Andrassen’s extremely well supplied kayak shop. Alf has kindly offered to store the boats for us until we start the next stage of the trip next year.

We had planned to just crash on the floor in the shop, but Per’s friend Dag Nilsen who received us so well Nakkevik had driven home to Tromsø and insisted we stayed the night at his place.

We were happy to accept. Dag picked us up at about 0100 and it turned out the invitation included a three course dinner! And then a long and spectacularly breakfast watching form Dag’s terrace across Straumsundet.

A fantastic way to end this year’s stage.

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