RSKE Y2D14 2 August

From Haugnes to Nakkevika, 45.5 km, 6.8 km/hr. We left about 1300 and arrived in Nakkevig at Per’s friend Dag’s cabin about 0100.

We had OK conditions all along, but the OK conditions did not appear all at once. We first crossed from Haugnes to Nord Lenangen, We bid Laila and Kåre farewell and thanked them for a full day of all inclusive accommodation. Conditions were perfect with just a little following wind and waves.

Per was even starting to compose a song about the trip. We all sang along. Just as well we were alone at sea.

The composing was temporarily abandoned once we came clear of Arnøy and were exposed to the waves and wind throug Fugløysundet. The wind picked up and changed 90 degrees, and ocean swell with wind driven crests replaced the gentle following waves.

We paddled the 21 km to Nordre Lenangen, but no way we were crossing Ullsfjorden in these conditions. Luckily we found a perfect landing in front of boathouse with a shelter for hikers just behind. suggested we stayed for a couple of hours. We decided it was dinner time.

After three hours rest the wind was supposed to come down. Maybe, maybe not. We decided to go out, follow land toward Søre Lenangen, and decide about crossing the fjord then.

By now we had an invitation to a snow crab dinner in Nakkevik.

The wind was still blowing strong when we arrived at Søre Lenangen. We asked ourselves if we would even consider to cross the fjord if it wasn’t for Dag and the dinner. No we wouldn’t. End of discussion. So we had to tell Dag we would be delayed for the snow crab dinner.

We changed to dry clothes and got some warmth into our bodies. After about and hour and a half the wind was coming down. It was 2300 when we paddled out. And 0030 when we saw a blinking torch light in Nakkevika. Dag greeted us at the beach and helped us with the boats, and led us to the cabin, the snow crab, the fresh shrimp, the cold beer and conversation the went on until 0400.

We started the dinner with our standard toast: “no one has it better than us!” ( since we max out on well-being from our perspective:-))

Tomorrow this year’s stage of RSKE will end in Tromsø. WP.

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