Day 132 – We believe we are on the same spot where Jim Danielsson landed after his dramatic passing of Makkaur fyr back in 1989 – 11 July

Day 132. 11th of July. From Blodskytodden to a couple of kilometers after Makkaur lighthouse. 51 km, 6.5 km/hr average speed.

Just after we came onshore Stein received the sad news that his father in law passed away today. Then Makkaur is a very long way from home.

Even so weather dictates that we stay onshore here tomorrow.

There is a small weather window, but we have an hour plus crossing of Båtsfjord ahead, and a good place to stay where we are.

Before we got here we did a first for this trip; we paddled back a couple of kilometers.

We found this place on top of the ruins of a WW2 German “kystbatteri” on our way after Makkaur fyr, but Erling insisted on looking for a place as idyllic as the yesterday’s campsite “just around the corner”. No such luck, and for once we paddled back.

We believe we are on the same spot where Jim Danielsson landed after his dramatic passing of Makkaur fyr back in 1989, thoroughly described in his book “148 dagar i havskajakk” (148 days in a sea kayak).

Our passing of Makkaur fyr was undramatic. We took advantage of a weather window predicted by

We use the forecast to plan our day. Today we were off to a 0310 start, and got Hamningberg out of the way by 0630. Then we crossed Syltefjorden and landed on Storsteinnes to wait out the forecast 8 m/s winds.

We slept for three hours and then started to pack the boats to be ready for a three o’clock weather window.

It appeared almost on the minute, and we passed two infamous spots Korsnes and Makkaur fyr in good weather and sea state.

For comparison, Jim Danielsson had a transistor radio with dubious reception.

Using feels almost like cheating by comparison. But safety first, and we always keep in mind that forecast is not reality. But still immensely valuable.

Tomorrow we’ll wait on weather and rearrange our plans.

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