Day 35 – Nautopp Kajak Center in Grebbestad delivered Erling’s new boat – 5 April

5th of April. Day 35. 23,4 km, 6,9 km/hr average. A short day.

The rain poured down on the tent during night, but stopped at about four as promised by Always good not to have to take down the tent in heavy rain.


As we were preparing our breakfast, a couple of fishermen came by and left to pull their sea-trout nets.

Soon after Sven appeared with his nine week old puppy, he was eager to know if his mates caught something. Particularly since he had thought about setting nets himself.

While waiting, Sven explained that Nogersund had been Sweden’s third largest harbor measured by amount of landed fish.

No more; just a few fishing boats left. The fish was gone and the seals are to blame. We often get asked if we have seen many seals, but the truth is that we have hardly seen any since Øresund.

The fishermen came back empty handed all the same.

We left to meet Torbjørn from Nautopp Kajak Center in Grebbestad, who was delivering Erling’s new boat. (New boat? Long story, still unfolding. To be told at another time).


We picked up the boat in Hörvik, and Torbjørn took Stein’s old and beaten boat which Erling had been paddling the last three weeks, back to Grebbestad. Super service from Nautopp/Kajak Center Grebbestad.

Then the question was what to do about Pukaviksbukten. Tomorrow will bring 11 to 12 m/s winds, so will be a rest day.

Weather was perfect for a straight crossing, light tail winds. But the forecast indicated the winds could increase to 6 m/s. Still no problem, but forecast is not reality.


We went for a quick straight crossing to Stärnö, 1 hr 50 min at just above 7 km/hr. The wind built less than forecast, so a smooth passage.

We found lodging at Kollevik camping, close to Karlshamn. A short paddle, but close to Karlshamn center where Erling can find some components needed to adjust the new kayak for a better and tighter fit.

Also we have washed the winter out of our clothes. We believe we will put on clean(er) and really dry clothes on Saturday when we continue. First time since Falsterbo kanalen. A not insignificant luxury.

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