Day 34 – Double digit temperatures! – 4 April

Day 34, Åhus to Nogersund. 31.2 km, average 6.7 km/hr.

A short day after a late start. We needed the rest, and we decided to go short rather than long when time came to go onshore.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf yesterday was the last day of winter, today was a true spring day. Double digit temperatures. Sunny, light tail winds. So we managed an efficient crossing east of Sølvesborg.

Nogersund is an old fishing harbor, now almost idle since the fisheries in the Baltic Sea has more or less collapsed. In the harbor we were met with friendly interest, and got an OK to pitch the tent close to the kayaks.

An old fisherman, Rune, took a special interest, and went home to brew us some coffee. So we had good coffee and good company as the sun set.

We have concluded that getting onshore before sunset is an important booster to our well-being.

Tomorrow we’ll see how far we get. It is tempting to cross to Karlshamn, but as always WP, and the weather looks marginal in the afternoon, depending on which forecast we believe. Those who paddle will see.

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