Day 36 – Rest and repair day – 6 April

Day 36. Rest and repair day in Karlshamn.

Short update today. Main focus has been putting some padding in the cockpit of Erling’s new boat.

That involved a shopping trip to the local hardware store, and then for Erling to do things he doesn’t know how to with glue and various foam paddings. It looks OK…


A warm and windy day that dried our clothes wash well. Erling even tried to get some sun on his skin. Not for long though.

The crocus is blooming and some of the steady campers at Kollevik are busy building “nail tents”, spring is trying to advance on winter again. We are hopeful, but cautious in case winter has one last surge in store.


Tomorrow looks to be a good day for paddling. We are looking forward to paddle in Blekinge’s archipelago (skjærgård).

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  1. I alle fall når veret er så lagleg at ei skute kan føre seilet “Big jib”. Då er det full seilføring og tailwind. Eit spesielt maritimt og godhjarta folkeslag.

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