Some more planning

It is only five weeks to go… Not stressed yet, but..

After several meetings we have a good feeling concerning the planning. Most of the kit are in place, we have got most of the small bits and pieces we need for the seven months on the water.

Logo Milslsukern

We have been to Milslukern, who has been very helpful to hand out the Kokatak kit we need, while we are waiting for the order from Kokatat US to arrive. We have been to Piteraq to get the expedition clothing and to Jarbeaux sport to get the tents. We have been to to get a number of repair kit to fix kayaks and kit in the beach-zone, and a number of other small shops.

logo Nautisk fritidWe have been to our old naval chart provider, Nautisk fritid (, who is supporting us with naval maps of Scandinavia, and we have three teams in Russia, who are trying to support us with Russian maps.

The first company that should assist us to get Stein’s Visa to Russia disappeared along the road. Then we had the Russian New year, and a funeral for the next visa provider. We re now in touch with a new Visa provider, that we have great expectations to. Hopefully, Stein should have his Visa within the next three+ weeks. Erling is good to go.

We have been advised to establish contact with a Russian naval point of contact to assist us during our travel through the Federation of Russia. Erling has successfully established contact with Vladimir  Ivankiv ( in St Petersburg. Vladimir has for years, with great success, assisted several Norwegian Sailboats on a similar route.

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