Nine days to go

2nd March is closing in.

2018-02 15 Russian Visa Stein KynoMost details are now in place. Last week Steins VISA to the Russian federation come back from Mir Travel. In November last year we first approached another company that promised to help out Stein with his VISA application, and delivered by 14 December. After that day, we were not able to get in touch with this company. Mir Travel arranged it without any trouble !

logo telenor kystradio_litenTelenor Kystradio (VHF – Safety at Sea) has also found interest in our project and have provided us with two Standard Horizon  HX 870E maritime VHF radios with DSC. These radios will increase the Expedition safety and make it a lot easier to call for assistance, if needed. We have our own callsign, Sea Kayak 01 and Sea Kayak 02. Our callsign is connected to our registrations in the Norwegian Small Boat register.

Here we Stein’s kit

IMG_2057All our kit are now tested, packed and stored in Karianne’s garage (our Press officer). We have pre-packed the boats in order to check the available space. It is enough !

The Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish coast have been kayaked numerous times. As far as we know, this expedition is the first kayak expedition to include Northwestern Russia. In the North Western part of Russia there are a number of closed military areas, which we will have to avoid. We will have to go on shore at least one time pr day, and that is not possible in these areas.

We very much look forward to the opportunity to paddle in Russia and we intend to be exemplary guests following all rules regulations and listening carefully to suggestions and advice. Since last fall we have discussed our plans with representatives from the Russian Federation Embassy in Oslo. Erling has spent hours and hours mapping out our route through Russia, including all our planned tent sites. Our final plan has been sent to the Russian Authorities for comments and suggestions, and we are awaiting their response.


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