Expedition clothing

Logo PiteraqToday we were visiting Sjur Mørdre at Piteraq Tinder og Banditter. Piteraq is a company that continue into the Wilderness where Milslukern ends. Sjur is the Norwegian Agent for Mountain Equipment.

Again, we have chosen equipment we have been using for years, and been very happy with. We had made a wish list, but also listed the weather condition we were going to use it in; temperature down to -10 Celsius, winds up to 30 m/s, snow and rain in the beach zone. Volume is also a key issue.

Sjur is an “old” explorer who have been to the most remote places in the world. Together with his brother Simen, he was the first modern explorer to cross the South Pole, and he has crossed the Greenland numerous times, in addition to be well recognized business man.

Based on our assessment of the weather condition, we had a long and fruitful discussion about clothing and sleeping bags. We ended up with the following kit from Mountain Equipment; Aurora sleeping bags, Citadel (fiber) jackets, Concordia (fiber) jackets, Odyssey and Havoc (outer) jackets, Firefox pants, Epic Touring Pants, classic comfort mats and Super Alpine Gloves.



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