Testing the new boats


Finally, we were able to get on the water iot test our new boats, the P&H CETUS HV from P&H Sea kayaks. This a design I have used since 2010, and have been very happy with. I have some eight P&H boats which I am using for kayak courses and guiding. As an average I have been on the water 50-60 days/year with my old Cetus We were even more happy that Milslukern.no and P&H Sea kayaks decided to support our project.


We were like “kids” when we unwrapped the brand new custom designed boats and could take them on the water, (http://www.phseakayaks.com/kayakCustomiser.php). Stronger and lighter than the old glass construction. They behaved as expected on a day with -3 C and 4-5 m/s wind. This time we had ordered the new construction in Carbon/Kevlar, strong and reliable. A dream on the water !


When we were on the water, we also used the opportunity to drill our skills in Eskimo-roll and buddy rescue. Always nice to know that we still have the skills.

The day was concluded at Oslo Kayakclub with a hot shower and a cup of tea.


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