Day 140 – Dag led us in amongst the rock and cliffs and coves exploring with the kayaks gliding through crystal clear water – 19 July

Day 140. 19th of July. 22 km paddling in Kongsfjord.

For Erling the day started with a leisurely breakfast on the quay outside Turid and Dag’s place. It was a sweltering day with nearly 30 degrees temperatures. A very warm southwesterly wind was blowing, enough to build small white crested waves, but nothing interfering with today’s plan: Paddle across Kongsfjord and explore a potential trout fishing river that neither Turid nor Dag had visited before. Their friends Wenche and Jan Helge arrived last night and was joining as well.

Stein and Erling normally paddle the shortest route and try to cover kilometers. Today Dag led us in amongst the rock and cliffs and coves exploring with the kayaks gliding through crystal clear water. It was a perfect day for this type of paddling.

All the time with up to twenty sea eagles circling overhead. The sea eagle population is growing and the theory is that it is the eagles that drive the small sea gulls (Krykkje) to nest in among and on the houses both in Kongsfjord and Berlevåg.

Eventually we came to the small cove where the small river or creek came out to the Sea.

First a swim in the Barents Sea. Then lunch. Then walking up along the river to find good fishing spots. So far so perfect. It was even too hot for the mosquitoes.

And for the trouts’ appetite unfortunately. So no fish. Dag may return one rainy day to deal with that.

Back at the boats we were joined by Hans, for coffee and a second lunch.

Then it was time to paddle back.

Erling got to try Dag’s Rockpool Taran 18. A super fast and svelte ship. Maybe he needs a rudder boat after all.

But tomorrow it is back in the Etain, and if the weather forecast is correct, into the fog. 15 degrees cooler than today.

Which is a good paddling temperature, anyway.

Meanwhile, further south, Stein spent a couple of days with his family after the funeral. He also found time to hone his paddling skills, before returning to Kongsfjord and Erling tomorrow.


Day 139 – Harald got out his guitar and the session around the camp fire lasted till (at least) 0400 – 18 July

Day 139. 18th of July.

Since the sun is up all day and night it is a bit arbitrary where to start an update. This one starts yesterday afternoon when Sture, Are, Magnus and Erling started walking toward Dagen pond to try our luck with trout and char.

Weather was marvelous, but the fish were difficult, not until about midnight did Sture and Erling get any luck, but then we landed three nice trouts in a small hour.

By then Are and Magnus had gone to fish in another pond, but as Sture and Erling came back toward the cabin at about 0200, we found them and other neighbors around cabin neighbors Camilla and Harald’s camp fire.

Harald got out his guitar and the session around the camp fire lasted till (at least) 0400.

Too late to eat the fish, so that was postponed till an midday brunch before we packed up and left the cabin.

On the way to Berlevåg, Sture dropped off Erling in Kongsfjord where he will stay the next few days and enjoy the company of fellow paddlers Dag Norum, his wife Turid and a lot of weekend guests on occasion of their 20th wedding anniversary.

After dinner with Turid, Dag and Dag’s brother Ragnar, plus a short walk with a view, Erling checked into the last free room in a nearby hostel, so he will be well rested on Friday when we continue.

But first Thursday, when the plan is a combo of paddling and mountain walking. Unless the weather is simply too hot!!


Day 137 – Don’t send the shrinks just yet, we feel that we are on track to a full recovery – 16 July

Day 137. 16th of July. A day on a roof with a view.

Except for a visit to Sture’s cabin neighbors Harald and Camilla, Erling and Sture spent the day on the roof. It is a roof with a great view, but we mostly looked down and bent down. We finished about 2230, and the last few hours we could feel that we aren’t twenty any more.

If anyone on Kongsfjordfjellet thought they heard someone sing “vi har ikke ellediller eller krokofanter, men vi har to gamlinger på taket”, we won’t deny that it possibly may have occurred, but don’t send the shrinks just yet, we feel that we are on track to a full recovery.

Other than mending the roof, Sture also decided to dry the cabin once and for all from the inside, he kept his oversized oven burning and the temperature was like a sauna. We had to eat outside, which was pleasant enough in the spectacular summer weather.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be even better.

Hopefully the summer lasts long enough to get Stein and Erling to Hammerfest without too much waiting on weather!

Day 136 – A wealthy Chinese tourist fell in love with Berlevåg and an evolving Chinese connection has developed – 15 July

Day 136. 15th of July. Berlevåg.

Last night we went to the Pub in Berlevåg for a pizza, and met up with a couple of old acquaintances of Sture. Sture enjoyed a game of verbal fencing with his old mates, amicable, but in a language not suited for the faint hearted.

In stead of going back to the cabin we joined Sture’s brother John and his partner Linda and her son Magnus in the Troli house in Berlevåg. We visitors on the first floor and while Sture and John’s 94 years old mother, Torbjørg, resides on the second floor.

After breakfast we went to the new school in Berlevåg to watch the first ever Chinese fashion show in Norway. Part of the Chinese film days that happens in conjunction with the Berlevåg days.


Apparently a wealthy Chinese tourist fell in love with Berlevåg some years back and an evolving Chinese connection has developed.

Berlevåg is a community of about 1000 people, growing to about 2000 during next week’s Berlevåg days.

It’s a thriving community competing with Ålesund for the top place in amount of fish landed each year.

Where there is fish there are seagulls. In Berlevåg’s case there must be about 20 per person. It’s a pest, occupying every near horizontal ledge on most houses in the harbor. Hitchcock’s “The Birds” come to mind.


But Berlevåg is trying to diversify away from fisheries and into energy: Wind power to hydrogen. There is no shortage of wind, but the energy is stranded since no adequate power lines exist for export. So a pilot plant for production and export of Hydrogen will be built.

On the energy theme Erling was a bit amused to find what must be one of the last remaining “good old” Statoil signs on the main street.


One era was and another may just be about to start.

On the way back to the cabin after a Chinese buffet! and a French world cup victory, Erling listened to Sture and his brother Bjørn talking about their experiences growing up and working on fishing boats in the Barents sea outside Berlevåg.

It was stories about riches and tragedy in equal measure, and Erling’s respect for the crossings ahead is growing.

On the other hand every day has its calm part, particularly at night. We also went west to scout some good spots from which to start the crossing to Nordkyn peninsula.


Stein will be back Friday, and Saturday looks like a perfect day for a safe crossing. Weather Permitting.

Day 133 – We even got dinner on the house, fish cakes, made fresh this morning in Båtsfjord. Luxury! – 12 July

Day 133. 12th of July. Waiting on weather in Makkaur.

After two nights with short sleep, we slept in today. We were in the middle of our breakfast when a boat approached the bay below the cabins.

It was Trond, the owner of one cabin under extension and renovation, and Inge and Inge’s dog Elling.

Inge was here to help Trond build a terrace and Elling thought he was here to herd the small local herd of Reindeer.

Trond’s family has roots here, and we learned about Makkaur that up to three hundred people had lived in this fishing community. Quite unbelievable when we see it today. All the houses were dismantled and moved to other places.

Also unbelievable in an age where time is scarce and money relatively plentiful. (Many of the people we met in rural Russia would probably not have to strain their imagination as much as us).

The first half of today was a beautiful summers day, but the wind was blowing and the waves were a meter and a half and white crested, so no temptation to change plans. And for the second part of the day the wind turned, picked up and brought rain that even didn’t predict.

We just managed to get the tent up and create a dry space for our things.

In the summer weather we went on different sight seeings. Stein went to inspect the old German fortifications, Erling went to look at Makkaur lighthouse.

The lighthouse is unmanned, except for a small herd of Reindeer. But it is still operative and kept in order. In bygone days two lighthouse keeper families lived here.

Erling came there just as the wind turned and he could have lit a match at the lighthouse. It lasted less than five minutes and fifteen minutes later the wind was approaching gale force.

Time to hurry back and secure our stuff. Stein was similarly blown back from the fortifications.

We waited the rain out in the tent.

When we stuck our heads out, Trond shouted from the cabin that coffee was ready. Music in our ears.

Meantime he had been back to Båtsfjord with Inge and Elling, and his wife Marjot had come with him back here.

Over coffee we got the history of how the two of them had built up the firm StyroNor, producing the white boxes in which fish is transported and exported.

A very interesting and successful story, not without obstacles from nature, authorities and ill-wishers, but also support, if not from nature, then other authorities and well-wishers.

We even got dinner on the house, fish cakes, made fresh this morning in Båtsfjord. Luxury!

In the end day 133 became both varied and interesting.

Tomorrow we head at least for Kongsfjord.

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