Sweden to Finland second attempt. Day 3 Tuesday 12 July: Expediton to Søderarm

Mikko swims ice cream across from Söderarm to Tyvskär

Same weather this morning, so no paddling until earliest this evening. The plan now is a night crossing to Lågskär and then continue to proper Åland achripelago tomorrow morning (Wednesday). Weather permitting.

Todays main event on Tyvskär was an expedition Mikko, Karianne, Stein and Erling did to Söderarm. Not very far. We did not use the kayaks, we just swam across.

There we met Anngret who has looked after the place for the last 23 years on behalf of the owner, who is still the Swedish military. It is also possible to book a stay with full pension for 3800 SEK per person per day.

Erling, Anngret and Stein outside the kiosk and bookstore and souvenir shop

Anngret knew a lot about the history of the place and also sold a two kilo heavy solidly bound book in English about the history of Swedish coastal forts. Stein bought it without hesitation.

Of more practical value we could also buy ice cream.

Entrance to the “bastu”

A walk round the island was almost like wading through terns and seagulls. A huge number of them. And most of the chicks were not yet capable of flying. Much later than in Norway. Remember this is a colder climate place Mikko explained. Good point, but fortunately not right now; the water must be close to 20 degrees.

These guys were not yet ready to fly

However the arrangement of the two Spruces on the island suggests that the indeed are rougher days.

Prevailing winds are northerly and the spruce need help to cope

We also saw some of the workers doing maintenance on the island. From Tyvskär we had watched them paint the lighthouse, but it was difficult to tell from that distance of the paint was drying properly. Inspection confirmed dry paint. We had indeed watched paint dry 🙂

Fully dry paint 🙂

On return we bought two more ice cream and sent our best swimmer, Mikko, ahead with cold supplies to Margaret and Knut Arne.

Stein and Erling visited the 15 square meter museum before following suit. The museum told a story of hardship since the first sailing mark was raised in the late 1600s. Including the island being attacked and burned down by Peter the Great of Russia during the great Nordic war in 1719.

After that adventure and a little food it is back to waiting for the wind to come down. Tomorrow in Finland. WP

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