Sweden to Finland second attempt. Day 2 Exploring Tyvskär

No paddling today. Steady northerly winds at 10 m/s plus. But a sunny day with clear skies so good for exploration.

We are on the island with the blue dot. About 200 times 400 m to explore.

200 times 400 m is not much, but our military veterans Knut Arne and Stein soon found out that the island used to be a coastal fortress from 1939 till 2002. After that everything was levelled with the ground and what was underground was sealed off with concrete. So the larger part of one of Bofors weapon company’s great prides may still be somewhere beneath our feet?

For the particularly interested here is a link 🙂 https://www.soderarm.com/galleri/militart/?fbclid=IwAR0W0WFZSevWd3qpPg-0-erfBfAQF1-b28_wdCU-wT33ocdWRqMgArCA-qU

Other than that the “Thiefskerrie” has a ok campsite

Campsite: Shielded from the northerlies and with a view to the lighthouse

We also found one and a half small boulder beaches

The one Boulder beach. We leave the half without further mention

The beach provided a nice place for one of Mikko’s expert pancake lunches

The chef and his signature pancakes (and NO Åsa Mikkodaughter if you see this, this is not jam on sugar. Just an optical illusion. We will swear to it 😊)
Pancake laden beachcomber

We now consider the skerrie more or less fully explored, except perhaps Erling who has been seen running around with a botanical app trying to figure out which plants grow here…

Erling will get one more day for his botanical activities for two reasons. One of concern and one as expected.

The reason of concern is that Margaret’s cold has taken a turn for the worse. She has spent the day mostly resting, but felt that she was on the mend around dinner. Hopefully another day of rest will make her ready to go again.

The second concern is the weather. Another day of 10 m/s northerlies is forecast. Then maybe a 20 hour weather window will open toward the evening/night. That window we hope to make the most of and get all the way to the main Åland archipelago where it is easyish to find shelter for any wind. Just as well because after the weather window closes the forecast gets interesting again.

Friday’s forecast
Studying the map and making a cunning(?) plan
Same super dining hall as yesterday:-)

So weather permitting we will be landing on Finnish soil at Lågskär sometime Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

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