RSKE Y4D14 Saturday 3 July

Saturday’s route

Tjodland to Sokn camping. 39 km, start 1130 arrive 1930, 6.5 km/hr average speed.

It was a rainy morning after a rainy evening and night. That also made the rocks around the camp slippery, that made for a near accident when Karianne was multitasking during the morning’s KPMG teleconference. She slipped, fell and got some bruises. But nothing too serious. But not far from a show stopper either.

First oatmeal for breakfast. One thing at a time…
Then good to go

Today’s main challenge was expected to be crossing the heavily trafficked Boknafjord. First we had to navigate some inlets and outlets, and that’s where Stein excels.

Stein’s precision map reading has saved us many a kilometre. This was a kayak passage, no more. Western Bokn next.

When we got into o the strait between West and East Bokn we could see the three ferries continuously crossing Boknafjord. We decided to take a small detour to the Ferry stop and slip to the other side of the ferry lane in the ten minutes between ferries, rather than cross the ferry lane out in the fjord itself. And just maybe there could be a kiosk with ice cream?

There was no kiosk, but maybe on the ferry? Erling went to investigate. “You have seven minutes before we leave again” was the message from the crew. “Where’s the kiosk?” “At the top”….six minutes later Erling left the ferry with three ice cream and three “svele”

Ice cream and svele at the ferry stop!

Well fed and on the other side of the ferry lane, crossing Boknafjord went without incident

Crossing Boknafjorden

Next some more precision navigation to cross through the channel at Utstein Kloster.

Through the channel beside Utstein Kloster hotel

Then just a quick stop for resupplies before we paddled into Sokn Camping.

There we were greeted by Erling uncle Haldor and aunt Henny who lives at Bru nearby.

Erling and his aunt Henny and uncle Haldor

Soon we had occupied the “gapahuk”/grill cabin, Entrecôtes were ready, clothes were drying and to top it off Henny brought fresh coffee and carrot cake!

Then there were the smells of fresh coffee, carrot cake… and three persons paddling gear. We focused on the coffee and cake.

Conversation were flowing, we were dry and warm and very well fed. Suddenly a young couple appeared: “ did we plan to stay long? They had planned to grill down here”. What to say.. our damp gear was everywhere and we had actually planned to sleep right on the floor. The young couple took a look around, literally smelled the situation and changed their plan.

Soon we bid farewell to Haldor and Henny Rolled out our mattresses and passed out..

Sunday is a very special day for us. Stein has to leave for work for NATO at Jotavika. That means that a 6000 km long adventure will come to an end for Stein and Erling.

Back in 2018 we had decided that if couldn’t get all the way to Oslo, we would stop here in Stavanger, because we have paddled Stavanger to Oslo together in 2015 and 2016.

This time Erling still has a couple of weeks holiday and has planned to paddle on to Oslo. WP. Karianne will join.

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