RSKE Y4D13 Vestre Vågen to Tjoland 45 km Friday 2 July

Friday’s route

Vestre Vågen to Tjoland. 45 km. Start 0940 arrive 1820. 6.6 km/hr average speed. We got off to a reasonably early start in spite of some breakfast rain. First leg took us out toward Ryvarden Lighthouse. Super conditions.

It doesn’t get much flatter than this at Ryvarden Lighthouse
A break before Haugesund

This is the infamous part of the coast called Sletta. It treated us well and soon we were entering Haugesund harbour.

Paddling through Haugesund

By now weather had changed and it had started raining. Not so tempting with another break. When it rains the best place is in the kayak.

Paddling though Haugesund in the (summer) rain

After a very short break we were out of Haugesund and past Karmøy. It was time to look for a campsite. Erling had done some scouting on Google maps, but the first option didn’t look half as good from the kayak as from the satellite…, second option looked distinctly unwelcoming. Now we were down to last option before Bokn, so this one it would have to be…

Not super, but not too bad either. A bit of slippery carrying to get the kayaks safe for the night, otherwise no problems.

Erling donned his Buddhist Monk (?) costume while pitching the tent
A couple of tents and a tarp and soon dinner will be served:-)
Cheer up!! It’s just rain, not snow like 2018

Saturday we plan to paddle across Boknafjorden to Sokn camping. WP. That will be our last night together before Stein paddled on Jotavika for work from Monday

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