RSKE Y4 day 13 and 14 and 15 Short update.

Friday we paddled from Vestre Vågen to a small cove south of Haugesund. 45 km.

Mixed weather
Or maybe not so mixed

Saturday 03 July we paddled 39 km into Sokn camping just north of Stavanger.

There we were welcomed by Erling’s uncle Haldor and aunt Henny. With coffee and cake. The high point of the day!

Erling with his aunt and uncle
Coffee time

Sunday we split up. And Stein paddled to Jotavika for work. Karianne and Erling paddled on to Søre Revtangen, about 41 km.

Last picture with the team together
A handshake after about 6000 km of circum Scandinavian paddling!

Weather isn’t entirely favourable so we are looking to take advantage of some weather windows. Hopefully we get to Egersund on Tuesday. Where we plan to have a rest day on Wednesday.

Also struggling with WordPress…and network so pictures don’t load 😦

Steady progress, but it takes double effort.. 🙂 will update when time and conditions improve

Today (Monday) we will try for Brusand, about 30 km. WP, which is not clear that it will…

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