RSKE Y4D12 1 July

From Bekkjarvik to Vestvågen south of Bømlafjorden. 50 km, 6.7 km/hr average speed. Start ca 1020 arrive 2030

Thursday’s route

After KPMG’s morning teleconference session we left our “home” in Bekkjarvik in perfect paddling conditions, warm sunny and tail winds.

KPMG morning session

An easy crossing over to the Bømlo archipelago, no big boats, but a lot of smaller craft out to enjoy the perfect summer day.

Leaving Bekkjarvik

We paddled through the archipelago for a couple of hours, then a long break with a quick dip

Stop # 1

Then we paddled through the Bømlo archipelago for another two and a half hours then a semi long break with a quick dip

Stop #2

By now we were close to Mosterhavn and the heavily trafficked Bømlafjorden. The Sea breeze had picked up a bit and we were curious to see the conditions across Bømlafjorden.

No cause for concern, some large boats, but none too close and not much sea breeze either

Crossing Bømlafjorden

Once across we started looking for a place to pitch the tent. Not so easy. All suitable places seemed to belong to one or other palace like “cabin”

Karianne asked some young guys on a quay and they pointed us to some boathouses a km or so away. They told us they knew the owner who was away, and they promised to inform him. Good enough.

The boathouses was in need of some repair, but had one solid wooden quay. Perfect for pitching the tents.

A good end to a long day

Friday we aim for another long day, about 45 km which will take us past Haugesund. WP.

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