RSKE Y4D6 Friday 25 June. Florø to Lammetun. From Rorbu to Rorbu along the west coast

Florø to Lammetun. 40 km. Start 1140 arrive 1950. Average speed 6.4 km/hr

Friday’s route
At Florø Rorbuer. A nice and convenient stop.

We had another leisurely morning. Stein was picked up to have breakfast with a friend of his, and managed to do some shopping on the way back. Karianne is the early bird and she regularly puts in 3 hrs work before we paddle off. Packing the boat while on telephone conference.

It was 1140 before we were in the boats and ready to go. As usual the wind was forecast to pick up toward the early evening and we set out to cross Stavfjorden on the shortest route, pausing for a snack on some islets half way across.

A very pleasant break, but short to get across the fjord before wind picked up
Mid fjords we passed a local fishing boat hauling its gear.

The wind did start to pick up, but not until we were almost across, just enough to pause in the kayaks for a “high five”

One fjord down, two to go
A sunny break just after Stongfjorden. Two fjords down, one to go

After a longer break in max weather just after Stongfjorden we were ready for the last fjord of the day; Dalsfjorden

By the time we got to Dalsfjorden the wind was down again, but currents were against

Because of head currents we had slower progress across Dalsfjorden than we had hoped for, it was 1950 before we arrived at what we hoped was Lammetun Camping. We had hoped for a beach with adjacent space tents, but it was more like rocky and hilly.

Erling went to the reception. The reception was closed, but there was a number to call. In the other end was and answering machine “for carpenting services press 1, for campsite booking press 2”. Pressing 2 was a good option, and soon the carpenter cum camping host was on his way.

He showed us were we could pitch the tents and were we could put the boats on his quay. Very good. Almost as an after thought he added that he had a “rorbu”, or loft of a boathouse, to rent. The men trusted Karianne to inspect and decide. Karianne was persuaded when it became clear that four cold beer was included, and accepted the offer on our behalf without any inspection

A deal closing beverage
A very good outcome

It was a very good outcome, and we enjoyed a marvellous summer evening at the quay before a very late dinner.

We many to get to bed just before the sun set

Tomorrow may be a bit of a challenge. we plan to get an earlier start to cross over to Sula, then paddle to Hardbakke where we will have to wait some hours for the wind to fall before we will try to paddle across Sognesjøen and get to Mjømna. Where Arne will leave the team for this year. WP

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