RSKE Y4D5 Thursday 24 June

Hennøy to Florø. 36 km. Start 1120 arrive 1955. 5.8 km/hr average speed.

Thursday’s route

Helge and Torbjørn showed themselves to be super efficient at having breakfast and breaking camp. We were still finishing our pre breakfast coffee when they paddled off back toward Måløy.

Goodbye to the Naadendal comrades for now!

We paddled off at 1120 and rued the fact that we had let the morning calm pass us by. But headwinds were not to bad and after a couple of hours we arrived at Gulestøa.

Paddling out from Hennøy close to shore to minimize headwinds

At Gulestøa the winds had picked up, and we decided on a long lunch break. On with dry clothes and resting sheltered from the wind behind a boathouse.

A deer Hunter from Vikersund had hired a cabin on the farm and was tending to the fields. He and his family had found a small paradise up here.

Time flies when we one lies behind a boathouse listening to the wind and only two and a half hours later did we pull off toward Florø.

Resting and waiting out the wind at Gulestø

The paddle toward Florø was pleasant enough, the wind had almost stopped and we made steady progress. A short break at Seljestokken boatyard to stretch and snack and then we were on the last leg of the day. We had a little difficulty finding the best way in. The oil service base at Florø is expanding and making landfills to an extent that meant the (seven year old) map and the terrain did not match very well.

Paddling under a ferry at Ankerløkken yard

But without too much delay we turned past Ankerløkken Yard and paddled through the narrow strait/canal that runs north south through Florø. The a left turn and a short paddle to Florø rorbuer where we have booked for the night. Just as we pulled in it started raining. We were happy for our choice of accommodation.


Paddling through Florø
Happy and dry at Florø rorbuer.

Tomorrow we plan to paddle to Lammetun. About 40 km. Weather Permitting. We hope it will. We were planning for a rest and wait on weather day here in Florø, but the forecast has gotten steadily better so we hope for a good day on the water Friday.

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