RSKE Y4D3 Tuesday 22 June 2021

Ervika to Måløy. 30 km. Start 1110 arrive 1630.

Today’s paddle

Karianne and Erling had a leisurely start to the day after a long day yesterday. But around 1100 they couldn’t put it off trying to get out through the surf any longer.

We were joined at the beach by a skier/surfer who had just come down from skiing in Stryn to surf in Ervika with his family. That’s Norway as a summer holiday destination:-) Anyway he kindly helped to launch the kayaks and we got out over the surfs without incident.

Getting ready to launch at Ervika

Weather was good, better than forecast with just the right amount of tail winds as we passed outside Hoddevika

Outside Hoddevika. A famous surf spot. We didn’t go in to check the surf. We still had enough sand in the boats from yesterday

Our plan was to break at Ytre Fure before crossing the ca. 10 km wide Sildegapet. As we came to the start of Sildegapet conditions for crossing were optimal. Light tail winds and the sun shining from a clear sky. These ideal conditions might not last; on sunny days around here means that the wind will pick up in the afternoon. So rather than break and risk having to wait until the evening to get across we decided to just cross without any delay

Crossing Sildegapet. Conditions were as good as they get

Good choice. The crossing was swift and uneventful. As we came to Raudeberg we had covered 23 km and sat in the boats almost four hours. A short stop for a snack and stretching the limbs was overdue.

But not for long. Måløy is the city where Karianne grew up and the family still has a (huge) house. Right now Karianne’s father, sister and a friend were staying there, but there would be room for all.

Karianne in front of the Måløy bridge. She has compared all bridges between Tromsø and Måløy to this bridge. Invariably unfavourably for the other bridges 🙂

Soon the Måløy bridge was in sight and not long after that someone was waving from shore: It was Stein. He and Arne had just arrived after having spent the night at a refurbished “old people’s home” in Åheim(!)

Arne enjoying life at Åheim old people’s home.

Karianne’s father Jon Reidar also arrived to greet us and soon the kayaks were up an emptied and we were all on our way to Karianne’s family’s house on Street 2 (second street from the Sea, that’s how they name them here, from 1 to 9)

Relaxing on the patio with Karianne’s father Jon Reidar

It is no ordinary house, with roots in the family back to Karianne’s great-great-great grandfather, and with a spectacular extension built by Karianne’s parents

After a leisurely couple of hours on the patio, it was time for dinner in the grand dining room in the extension. Since our friend Torbjørn had arrived and neighbour Eigil, we were nine for dinner. The menu was a maritime mix, salmon and some of Erling’s father’s fish cakes, none the worse after three days in a kayak.

Tomorrow, WEDNESDAY, we plan to cross Skatestraumen. Since it will be running against us for most of the day, we plan for a late start. Along the way we will join up with Helge and Torbjørn at Almenningen where they are staying at Helge’s mother’s cabin. Weather, logistics and Arne’s back permitting.

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