RSKE Y4D2 Monday 21 June 2021

Fosnavåg to Ervika (Karianne and Erling) 37 km. Fosnavåg to Sandøya ferry stop (Stein and Arne) xx km. Start 1030 arrive 2000.

Today’s paddle

As the split destination gives it away; the day did not go according to plan. Towards the end of yesterday Arne started to feel severe pain in his lower back. It is not clear why, but Arne is paddling one of Stein’s boats which he hasn’t paddled long distances before. Potentially the seat forced an uncomfortable position.

We started out in grey weather and made our way toward Sandsøya. Slow progress about 4.5 km/hr

We arrived at a abandoned farm on the north side of Sandøya. It looked nice, but smelled strongly of the rotting kelp we had to wade through to get ashore. After a break and some adjustments to Arne’s kayak we paddled on. It soon became clear that Arne shouldn’t try for the Stad peninsula this day. And at the NV end of Sandøya we split in two teams. Stein and Arne went for the ferry landing at Kvamsøya, while Erling and Karianne continued toward Stad

Erling’s family had followed tracker and understood something was amiss. They called up Stein and worked up a solution; Karianne’s car had been left in Vågnes. Now they drove the car down to Stein and Arne and made sure Stein and Arne got safely on their way toward Måløy by car!

What took to days paddling took about one and a half hour by car!

Erling’s family showed up at Larsnes’ ferry terminal. Transport problem solved for Stein and Arne

Stein and Arne plan to get to Måløy Wednesday, as do Karianne and Erling and then we hope to continue all four from there.

Erling and Karianne paddled on to Stad. Weather improved and they had as easy a crossing as one can hope for past this notorious place on the coast. Reflex waves from the ocean swell made for a bit of a bumpy ride, otherwise it was as flat water as it gets up here.

Passing Stad in max weather

After four and a half hour on the boat, K and E arrived at Ervika. A surfing spot. We learned that on surfing beaches one should be quicker out of the boat at the beach than we were, lest the waves fill the cockpit

Ervika has a basic and welcoming camp site visted by sports fishers and surfers. A very nice place to end the day

Sunset at Ervika

Wednesday is a 30 km leg to Måløy, weather permitting.

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