RSKE Year 3 Day 28. Monday 10th of August

Skardsøya to Sveggen 56 km, 6.4 km/hr average speed. Start 0930 arrive 2045

Today’s route

It was a sunny morning, but when Erling stuck his head out in the morning he could hardly see the sun. Another “gnatty bay”. The wind last night had kept them away and this was an unpleasant surprise.

A little less gnats on the rock
Erling’s shirt. Look closely, they are small but numerous

Things go a little slower when one hand is continuously occupied fighting the gnats. Still we managed to be back on the water at 0930 and planned to paddle to Kristiansund where we had gotten permission to put the kayaks outside KNT’s kayak boathouse.

It was a splendid warm day and after some hours with head currents we started to pick up speed. Temperatures in the twenties and a swimming break at lunch. We made steady progress and around 1800 we approached the crossing over to Kristiansund.

Good conditions both for paddling and lunch

We had one last break at the “archipelago” on the west side of Tustna. We decided to push on and cross straight to Sveggen. Gaining the extra km would make it more likely we would make it across Hustadvika to Bud tomorrow.

There wasn’t all that many good campsites at Sveggen. The ocean leaves only polished rocks. So we ended up paddling 56 km before we found a half decent place. Landing was on slippery rocks and getting the kayaks up was half the work of setting up camp

Rocky landing
A rocky site

We were a little earlier than yesterday, but evening chill soon set in so we didn’t linger over dinner today either.

There are some insects around, but hopefully we won’t wake up to another gnatty bay. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we aim to paddle 46 km across Hustadvika for Bud. WP. There will be headwinds in the morning, but it is forecast to improve in the afternoon. It will be harder and slower than the last couple of day’s, but should be doable

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