RSKE Year 3 Day 27. Sunday 9th August

Sandstad to Skardsøya. 37 km. 6,4 km/hr average speed. Start 1450 arrive 2130.

Today’s route

Saturday (Day 26) went well for all. Erling managed to participate in his Uncle’s 70 years celebration. Stein was picked up by a friend from Trondheim and dropped off at Værnes and then met by his wife Margaret at Gardermoen. Karianne tried to get some work done while listening to the rain and wind inside a tiny cabin at Hitra camping. It wasn’t paddling weather so not much was lost by Erling’s detour.

Erling returned to Sandstad Sunday at 1400, Karianne had seen to it that all was ready at the boats and we paddled off at 1450. Plan is to reach Vågnes on Thursday, but that required some km this afternoon.

It was strange to paddle on without Stein. Is it still RSKE? Erling can clearly hear his boathouse calling, and Vågnes was a fallback destination back in 2018 should we fail to reach even Stavanger in time. So it feels like a continuation. Next year and and eventual paddle all the way to Oslo can look after itself for now

We crossed the shipping lane(s) in Trondheimsfjorden as soon as we could. It was a bit busy and we paddled on high alert, but never needed to use the VHF.

Terningen fyr

Further paddling went well with 5 m/s following winds

Paddling past the breakwater at Equinor’s methanol factory at Tjeldbergodden

We paddled on with some determination, round about 30 km would be handy. In the end we paddled 37 to the western end of Skardsøya. We came ashore just before sunset and made short shrift of getting the tents up and eating the thermos cooked dinner. It was a bit cold and windy and the dew was about to cover everything. Taste of autumn

Tomorrow we aim for Kristiansund. WP.

Good conditions, but where is Stein?

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