RSKE Year 3 Day 21. Waiting on weather at Utvorda

0 km, no speed, late start and finish

We got up lateish and had a leisurely breakfast. The wind was blowing hard as forecast and it was raining. Still, one can have breakfast for only so long, and in the end we had to try to get something useful out of the day.

Anja and Sven’s camping is busy these days and we had been lucky to get a cabin for one night. Anja and Sven had assured us they would find a solution for the next night also.

And so they did. Torsten from Hamburg and his two sons Patrick and Nicklas were staying in an house with spare capacity, they had agreed to let us occupy the spare bedrooms for the night. German hospitality all around.

Anja and Sven also lent us their car to go shopping and we could use their washing machine and tumble dryer with wool program. Luxuries.

Erling met Torsten just as he and the “boys” were on their way out to fish. We were most welcome. He had heard we were going to the shop, but there was no need. Today’s dinner was on them, catch of the day!

We went to the shop anyway and bought some beer to go with the fish and some supplies for the following days.

And so it was that by 1500 we were installed in new quarters with clean, dry and folded(!) clothes. Just as we had a bit of lunch, Torsten and the “boys” came back in, it was blowing to hard even in the shielded waters just outside the camping. They went for a quick nap to gather strength for their planned nightly trout fishing trip.

We did some sightseeing of Utvorda. It didn’t take an awful lot of time; from the harbor to the end of the 50 km/hr zone was a five minute walk. There were some stately new houses, a dairy farm and a sizeable fishing vessel, plus the camping. A small society, alive and well as best we could tell.

Stein also did some office work, because of some charging issues he used an innovative ergonomic solution

Stein at the office

As soon as the “trout preparedness” nap was over Patrick took the chef role and started preparing the fish. Breaded cod was today’s dish.

If was en excellent meal and splendid company. Conversation flowed back and forth until it was too late to start on the trout fishing plan. So we had some more coffee, chocolate and biscuits in stead.

Dinner time

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is not good with strong headwinds, but we can paddle in sheltered waters at least the 35 km to Buholmråsa lighthouse. WP.

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