RSKE Year 3 Day 11. 24th of July

Brennsundbukta to Bodø, 47 km, 6.2km/hr average speed. Start 0655 arrive 1645.

A special day, if we manage to get to Bodø as planned Arne will leave us. For good reasons, but a pity nevertheless. We got up at 0500 and looked out Brennsundvika. The view has been voted the the best view in Norway we were told by Reidun and Frank. We were mostly concerned about the weather. It looked good, but as Frank had explained we wouldn’t know till we were out of the bay

Arne paddles out Brennsundvika

A bit of anxiety sped up the breakfast and packing, so we managed to be on the water just before 0700. As we got out of the bay the sea was still calm and just a very light breeze. Nothing like yesterday. Encouraged we set off toward a cluster of small islets called Karlsøyvær. We got over no problem, but the islands themselves were a maze, the all ran east west an we were paddling south. A number of eagles sat on the top of islets apparently viewing our efforts with skepticism. The shouldn’t have gotten their hopes up, after a short break we found our way out.

Break at Karlsøyvær

True to tradition we decided on the long crossing of Landegodefjorden. It went without incident in calm seas, but it was long, about 16 km. As compensation we found a spectacular beach on which to have our second break for the day. The sun was out and we made it a long break.

Beach of the day

When we got going we agreed on one more break before Bodø, but as usual we changed our minds – a break would add distance. As a result we paddled into Kvalvika and Bodø kayakclub’s boathouse with a loft where Karianne, Stein and Erling would sleep for the night. Again Stein’s wide network in the Norwegian kayaking community saved the day. Thanks to Brian!

Now a lot happened in short order. Ingvild arrived with the minibus and oversupplies were put in there. Arne’s kayak were emptied and put on the roof. Reidar from the kayak club came to offer assistance. Our friend and founding member of “Pinsekameratene padleklubb” Steinar was also in Bodø and came down.

We had expected to arrive much later, and because of that any plans of giving a talk on the trip to members of Bodø kajakkklubb had been canceled. Reidar decided that the plan should be resurrected on very short notice.

So while Ingvild, Arne, Karianne, Steinar and Erling went to buy and prepare dinner, shower and wash clothes, Stein stayed behind to give the talk.

Stein in action

Dinner, showering and clothes wash was done in an apartment Ingvild had kindly been loaned from a former colleague. Stein arrived just in time for dinner (second serving)

We did not stay long, it had been a looong day already. We bid farewell to Ingvild, Arne and Steinar. And then we bid farewell to Arne one more time. A great member of the team, he has a bit unorthodox packing habits, but never a word of complaint or frustration.

A last photo of the four of us with Ingvild.
Arne has an unorthodox approach to packing. He packed accommodation for three persons, but compensated with one smallish towel

Lights were out at 2300 hrs. No alarm. Tomorrow it will pour down in the morning, we are tired and plan for a short day of about 36 km to Femris. WP.

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