RSKE Year 3 Day 10, Thursday 23 July. Too much tail wind?!

Manshausen to Brennvika. 22 km, 5.7 km/hr average speed. Start 1030 arrive 1645.

Today’s paddle

It was raining and the wind blew hard as we got up in the morning. We packed the boats in time for breakfast at 0900. After another excellent breakfast we were ready to go at 1030. We bid goodbye to the Caroline, Stian and Vince from the staff and Karsten from M/S Irene.

Goodbye to Manshausen

The tail wind pushed us forward at 3 km/hr without us paddling. Good. But we were a bit anxious about what lay ahead. The wind was blowing North to south. We had planned four crossings to get into shelter behind Karlsøyvær. The start of the crossing is easy as we leave the north shore of the fjord because the wind has no space to build waves. What is interesting is what the waves are like at the south shore of the fjord, and that we will only know when we get there.

The first crossing proved the point. Easy peasy at first, a bit more challenging toward the end.

Crossing toward Helnessund

Next crossing likewise. It took us to Helsnessund, where we had a shelterd lunch in the house of the local boating association. A nice break from the wind and rain.

Sheltered lunch at Helnessund

After a long break it was time for the third crossing of about another hour. The conditions had not improved. As we approached land and a narrow sound to pass the wave height increased and we got reflex seas from two directions making the waves “confused”

Last crossing of the day

We got through OK, but we decided that the fourth and most challenging crossing over Folda to Karlsøyvær should wait till tomorrow. Instead we took the advice of several well wishers an decided to investigate Brennvika.

As we paddled into Brennvika, we saw a person at the beach. Karianne paddled ahead and before the rest arrived at the beach she had explained our situation and one of the owners, Frank had offered us shelter in the boathouse. A premium boathouse for our purposes, even with a huge dining table.

Frank gave us access to the boathouse and some good advice for the onward journey

As we chatted with Frank he expanded that his wife Reidun’s grandfather was lost as sea just where we had struggled. He also told of some trips over Folda back to Bodø which had given him pause for thought. That dispelled any doubts about making it a short day and stopping at Brennvika for the night. Thanks for the hospitality Reidun and Frank!

A premium boathouse!

Soon dinner was on the table and at 1940 it was lights out. We plan for an early start, the alarm is set for 0500. Tomorrow is a long paddle of about 50 km to Bodø. WP.

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