RSKE Year 3 Day 1: Hopefully we haven’t spent all our luck on day 1

Eidkjosen to Rødberg fort. 41 km, 6.5 km/hr average speed. Start 0900 arrive 1700

We knew that optimal following currents in Straumsundet would be at about 1130. It would take us about 2.5 hrs to get there, so we planned for a 0830 start. In spite of the usual hassle getting boats and crew ready for the first day we paddled off at 0900.

Good to go

We made it to our appointment with the following currents and cruises through the small strait at 12 km/hr. Light following currents and winds continued until lunch

After lunch we paddled on to the east shore of Malangen, the fjord crossing Dag had warned us about because of the strong breeze on sunny summer days. This was a sunny summer day, seldom seen at these latitudes. By some stroke of meteorological fortune there was no wind and no waves. So after a short break we committed to the hour long crossing. No issues. But just as we got to the other side and had just five km to paddle to our planned campsite, a northerly breeze picked up, but only light one and we were close to shore. So still no issue, but a reminder how quickly conditions can change,

Ready to cross Malangen. Conditions doesn’t get better than this

Soon we found a campsite just before Rødberg fort. And what a campsite! First a nice pebbly beach. Pebbles are much better thanks sand, sand gets into tents, boats, equipment, food. Overrated. Pebbles are much kinder. These were just the right size that it was possible to shape a nice place to rest by shifting ones torso. The beach was of of course well drained, limiting mosquitoes. The beach faced north into the Arctic Ocean, and the waves had shaped the pebbles into terraces providing both a safe place to store the boats and a nice place to pitch the tents. Finally the beach offered a nice view to the midnight sun.

No one planned to stay up that long. The camp was quiet before 2100. A long day and an early start tomorrow. Still Erling set his alarm to get a view. Then quickly back to sleep. Tomorrow should take us somewhere past Finnsnes. Weather permitting, and according to it will.

Midnight sun over Kvaløya

It’s been a great day. Hopefully we haven’t spent all our meteorological and other luck on day one.

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